About the Maker

Kelsey Friedly is a Native Montanan, wife, mother, lover of the outdoors and horsewoman. She devotes her time to making memories with her husband Logan and two young sons, Steele and Ridge. With a passion for the Agriculture and Western lifestyles, Kelsey had the unique opportunity to learn how to weave mohair cinches. From there she self taught how to make other pieces of tack as well as pieces of art from mohair. She also enjoys sketching and painting all sorts of projects from t-shirts and post cards to cow skulls and furniture. She is passionate about sharing her artistic gift around the industries she cares about. 

“In an ever changing world, the ultimate fuel for my business, is the sense of not only providing a keepsake piece of tack or art, geared toward preserving old values but also providing the memories that come with it. Whether you hang it on the wall or ride miles with it on your saddle, may my love and devotion to every piece, bring you happy trails.”